Soi Cowboy


Welcome to the Dollhouse – Bangkok

Midweek Adventures on Soi Cowboy On an unremarkable Tuesday after an afternoon failing yet again to sort my 90-day report online, I needed a release. So, I called my pal Jack Nites, photographer of repute […]

Nana Plaza


Whiskey GoGo Nana Plaza

Whiskey & Go-Go on the second floor of Nana Plaza – in the space that used to be the Chili ladyboy bar on stairs’ landing – does not have as many girls as other Nana […]

Red Light Food

Red Light Food

Burgers near the Red-Light Part 3: Soi Cowboy

Well hello again. I’m Seven. I live the dream in case you can’t. Today’s offering is the final installment of the 3-part series titled “Burgers near the Red-Light” wherein I give you my unsolicited opinion […]

Red Light Food

Mex Near the Red-Light Part 1—Nana

Hello again, I’m Seven. I live the dream in case you can’t, and sometimes eat in crappy restaurants so you don’t have to. After the wild success of my series “Burgers near the Red-Light,” which […]

Red Light Food

Burgers near the Red Light, An Update : Patpong

At the time that BKKNites published my review of burgers near the red-light Part 1—Patpong—two of the best ones didn’t exist, because the restaurants where they’re served didn’t exist. One is the cheeseburger at Shenanigans […]

Bangkok Nites – Tales From After Sunset

Bangkok Nites

Don’t Move To Thailand

I have had a few mates, who after living in Thailand for various amounts of time seem to have had enough, one mate from the States after just one year in Thailand, sent me a […]

Bangkok Nites

The STDs You Will Get in Thailand

The advent of dating apps like Tinder has fostered a sexual revolution in Thailand. Women who may have once been too shy to approach foreign men are now able to “play the field” privately on […]

Bangkok Nites

Why do men come to Thailand?

Why do men come to Thailand? It isn’t solely about sex. Is it? Covid has tailored the tourist industry to its bare bones, affecting all who made a living from it, to a point of […]

Black pagoda

Barbar - You Never try You Never Know

XXX Lounge

The Oasis - Soi Cowboy

The Strip