Whiskey GoGo Nana Plaza

Whiskey & Go-Go on the second floor of Nana Plaza – in the space that used to be the Chili ladyboy bar on stairs’ landing – does not have as many girls as other Nana […]

Nana Plaza

Lollipop’s Anniversary Party

Lollipop’s Anniversary Party is coming and it’s SO BIG they are holding it over 3 nights, Party with some of the best looking girls Jan. 25-27 and enjoy special live shows and drink specials.

Nana Plaza

Billboard – Nana Plaza

This place is serious hard on material! It’s Friday night and you are thinking beer or totty yeah? So here is our suggestion for this Friday or any other night for that matter, Billboard on […]

Nana Plaza

Spanky’s Nana

Nana Plaza is going, going, gangbusters. Just when you thought it had lost its appeal (well, I did anyway), just when you’d counted them out as stick-a-fork-in-em-they’re-done (I definitely did), they surprise you with a […]

Nana Plaza

Billboard Gallery – Nana Plaza

Billboard Gogo Bar is located on the top floor of Nana Plaza and was recently voted #1 Go-Go bar in Nana Plaza. The Girls are easily some of the best lookers in Bangkok,one of the first things you […]