Whiskey GoGo Nana Plaza

Whiskey & Go-Go on the second floor of Nana Plaza – in the space that used to be the Chili ladyboy bar on stairs’ landing – does not have as many girls as other Nana Plaza bars, but the ones they do have are all gorgeous. It’s quality vs. quantity at Whiskey. More a high-class lounge than chrome pole palace, Whiskey has no stadium seating or standard built-in table fixtures. Instead, guests relax on low sofas with normal side tables for drinks. Expensive art hangs on the wall and top-shelf whiskey features prominently on the menu. It’s not only the ladies that are easy on the eye: The lighting is friendly, with no seizure-inducing strobes or retina-killing lasers. The music is mostly faring friendly, although some car-alarm Thai techno might be on the playlist early in the evening. Whiskey & Go-Go currently is running a 99-baht special on Tiger bottles. Doors open at 7:30 p.m.Whiskey & GoGo Nana Plaza

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